Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How do I improve English ability through using English Websites ?
教授二班 96060 吳岳恆

This is an article about four must-see web sites: Dictionary com, Internet Movie Database, Wikipedia and Google Earth. For each website, the author gives a short briefing to make some audience know the general ideas about the websites.

Dictionary com is a web site which can help people look up words easier and quicker. We biggest advantage of it is that the web site includes lots of different dictionaries. Internet Movies Database contains more than 400000 movies. In the web site you can not merely find newest movies but also old ones. We web site can definitely meet our needs. Wikipedia web site is actually an electric dictionary. It contains at feat 2 million articles is over 100 languages. Need less to say, if you need to find some information on-line. Wikipedia is no doubt our best choice Google Earth is the web site that can show pictures and maps any place in the world. It can even give us the detailed information in advance, such as the name of specific streets, companies and roads. So if we want to look for a place beforehand, this is a web site we cannot afford miss out.

By using these English web sites , not only can we obtains the specific information we need but we need but we can also improve our English ability anytime we click on these web sites.


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