Monday, April 03, 2006

The Future of the Internet
The cyber-friendship has already become the most romantic in love with mode in modern people, many network frosh even treat cyber-friendship as the required course, having the courage to pursue the network love. Passing by the traditional love limits in the original human relations grain, or classmate, colleague, or relatives, friend. And the network one who let get to the Internet can across to come from personal the original human relations grain net, come in contact with different from oneself, other society stratum of opposite sex. Beside, traditional romance, because of limiting in the original human relations grain net, associate usually be the eyes of the masses arising fixed on under, break up known to all then. Get to the Internet to fall in love, because of more concealed, hence easily have no burden.

Past network romance, or through the BBS, or through the email letter friendly intercourse, in the center attach to clip the photograph diagram file, the interacts with the telephone. Future network romance is through the broadband network, the in addition microphone and the network camera, the audibility can see the other party whole persons. "The fine sound quality and the image appearance can let user through the tone and the looks, further understanding the other party, than is only even had the thorough understanding by writing." however in fact may bring the contrary result.

Because the past net loves, men and women's of interaction no longer from meet the first eye impression to open the exhibition feeling, but start through the writing interactive. Two restrictions that unfamiliar mind flings off a condition(appearance, height …) with outside body, interact through the writing, and meet, mutually know and mutually cherish, love each other. Hence a lot of looks banalities or looks are extraordinary, but inside abundant men and women, then look for to get in the network the companion that walk totally whole life. The net of now loves the trend multimedia, even near to the real world, but weakness is again re- return to the men and women interaction to easily become the value the outside


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