Monday, January 02, 2006

The Environmental and Our Life
The renewable energy is because of sweeping and canning circulate the special features of the usage, the energy that become being subjected to most to focus attention, however for have already made it a rule the family customer of with the hand switch, energy namely come", seem to without special feeling. In fact, introduce renewable energy the current of the family usage, have already become slowly everywhere in the world.

No matter is in order to respond the environmental need, or according to protect the Earth environment and the mission of the resource , the renewable energy all is the trend of the present energy usage. In addition to being pushed by the government, hope to reach the economic scale the outside, at many nations, the people have already by oneself started making use of the life in commendable the resource that get, let the renewable energy walked into the family, become the living member.

Can imagine, if without resort to the energies, such as electric power and gas...etc., how should maintain the modern life? This problem can be answered by renewable energy. Although the family of now by oneself uses the example of the renewable energy, still can't reach the completely self-sufficient target, have already succeeded of duct the renewable energy into the life. This text is only all countries family by oneself uses the renewable energy as example, hoping is thrown the effect that the brick leads the jade.


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